Working in HVAC? Here’s What to Know About the Refrigerant Vacuum



If you work in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, you know firsthand how often you see refrigeration problems. With these problems arising quite often, it makes sense to equip yourself with the best tools for solving these issues. Adding a refrigerant vacuum to your tool kit is a great idea. Here are a few things you should know about this tool.

Start With the Basics

Refrigeration tools are a necessary part of the job. Knowing how to properly operate a refrigerant vacuum is also a key aspect of HVAC work. The refrigerant vacuums we offer come in three versions — a 10 CFM, eight CFM, and six CFM depending on your needs. Of course, before beginning, you must ensure that the refrigerant vacuum has oil in it. According to Pick HVAC, a survey found that around 38% of customers cite system reliability as their number one requirement when choosing new equipment. Here at Fieldpiece, we sell quality vacuum oil that will keep your new HVAC vacuum running optimally. With a backlit oil reservoir on your refrigerant vacuum, you’ll be able to monitor just how much or how little you have, This can help you keep your equipment in more pristine condition for longer.

How It Works

To begin working with your refrigerant vacuum, first, connect your gauge to your vacuum and pressure ports. The blue gauge will attach to the low-pressure service port and the red gauge will connect to the low-pressure service port. You’ll want to ensure that everything is tightly connected, as a loose seal can cause problems as you work. Open your manifold valves and start your vacuum to begin pulling the air out of the system. Run your vacuum for 15 to 30 minutes to keep the air flowing out of the AC. Close the low side valve and let the vacuum hold for 15 more minutes. Shut off the vacuum pump and let it disengage. You can then disconnect your vacuum. The air conditioner should be ready for repairs now!

If you’ve been on the hunt for where to buy HVAC tools, look no further than Fieldpiece. We offer top-of-the-line products, including all the essentials for proper refrigeration care and maintenance. We have everything you need, from a refrigerant vacuum to a 3 port refrigerant manifold. Get in touch with us today. We would love to help build your HVAC toolkit!

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